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 Welcome to Cougar Town!


Love Cougar Town? Now you can keep track of it with this new wiki page! Don't forget to catch Cougar Town Tuesdays at 10:00/9:00c on TBS!

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 What is Cougar Town?

Cougar Town is a sitcom from the mind of Scrubs creator Bill Lawrence that first aired on ABC on September 23, 2009. The show focuses on the lives of a group of friends living in a cul-de-sac in Sarasota County, Florida with lead actress Courteney Cox portraying a recently divorced woman looking to restart her life and facing the trials and tribulations of being single again at 40.


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 Did You Know?
Cougar Town Lesbian Dream00:00

Cougar Town Lesbian Dream

Cougar Town on ABC

Cougar Town - Confident In My Sexuality02:26

Cougar Town - Confident In My Sexuality

Cougar Town on ABC

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