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Penny Can is a game invented by Bobby Cobb. It involves throwing a penny into an empty paint can.[1] It is often accompanied by copious drinking. At some point Andy, Bobby and Laurie sold Penny can to Roger Frank and Lou Diamond Phillips. As of Season 5,Penny Can became a global sensation and resulted in Bobby being paid money for every can sold over sea.


  • 1. If a player gets the penny into the can, the player gets a point.[2]
  • 2. If a player doesn't get the penny into the can, the player doesn't get a point.[3]
  • 3. If any player gets the penny into the can, all players sing/chime "Penny Can!".[4]
  • 4. First player or team to one thousand points wins.[5]
  • 5. "Ear-flick": If the penny bounces off the rim of the can and does not land in the can, the throwing player's ear(s) is flicked while the flicker shouts "Rimshot!"[6]
Walls (5)

Rule #5: In-&-Out mustache

  • 6. "Stache-Attack": If the penny bounces out of the can, the throwing player has a mustache drawn on their face with a permanent marker.[7]
    • If the player already has a natural mustache then the player will have "crazy eyebrows" drawn on with a permanent marker.[8]
  • 7. "Three-in-a-Row": If any player gets three pennies into the can in succession then the "Penny Can!" chant is performed robot-style (both with a robotic monotone voice and performing the robot dance).
  • 8. "Racing Stripe": After ten consecutive misses, any player wearing a helmet has a racing stripe painted on.[9]
  • 9. "Face Sandwich": if the penny misses and spins on any surface the two closest players must smoosh their faces onto the throwers cheeks until the penny stops spinning.


Ultimate Penny CanEdit

Each player is given only one penny. The can is set a distance away. The officiator (Ellie) asks a question (about Bobby), if the player answers correctly then the player moves one step closer to the can. The penny can be thrown from any distance at anytime. The last player to get their penny into the can loses, and has to do the undesirable task (tell Bobby Jules and Grayson are dating).[10]

Truth or Penny CanEdit

If a player misses the can with their penny, the player must answer a personal question set to them by the other players. (WARNING: Truth or Penny Can may get real, leading to hurt feelings).

Moving Shot Penny CanEdit

To increase the level of difficulty, an individual can hold the penny can and make it a moving target.[11]

Balc-Penny CanEdit

To increase the level of difficulty, Penny Can can be played off a balcony using small cups and bowls as targets.[12]

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