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Jules and Ellie made out in Y2k, or did they? Edit

Some dates seems off!

So in Season 3 when Grayson kisses Jules, she tells he that he isn't the best kisser (7th to be exact). Later in the same episode, she confesses to have made out with Ellie in Y2k. Now this doesn't make sense; since Jules moved in when Travis was 12 and he turned 21 in 2012, this means these guys moved in earliest by 2001. So there is no way Ellie and Jules would have made out in Y2k, plus they weren't friends before Jules moved in to the nieghbourhood (shown in Season 4).

I know I have been watching too much of Cougar Town. 07:31, September 26, 2013 (UTC)Aimzlicious

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