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Tampa Ellis
First appearance "Something Big"
Full Name Tampa Jill Ellis
Relatives Holly (Mother)

Grayson Ellis (Father)
Jules Cobb (Step-Mother)
Laurie Keller (Godmother)

Tampa is Grayson's illegitimate daughter he fathered with Holly.


Tampa is the one-year-old daughter of Grayson and Holly, and the result of a one night stand during his sexually promiscuous phase.[1]


Grayson and Tampa

Because Holly and Laurie were old friends, Laurie was named Tampa's godmother. Since discovering her existence, Grayson has visitation rights with Tampa.[2]


  • Because Grayson doesn't like the name "Tampa", he refers to his daughter by her middle name, Jill.[3]
  • Jules doesn't really like Tampa.[4]


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